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Custom Design Assistance

We love to share our experience and passion for design with our customers. In fact, we love it so much, our custom design assistance is free of charge. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as helping someone get inspired and enhance their lives through a home improvement project. We’re addicted to that magical moment when everything comes together and our customers achieve the exact design they were searching for.

Most of our customers already have a design in mind when they come to us. Some have notebooks with sketches and magazine clips; some have elaborate Pinterest pages dedicated to their project. But even if they know exactly what design and style they want, most don’t know where to start. Lucky for them, they have us! We start with your budget, the space, and your goals and guide you through a detailed and customized design plan.

We can also help you identify your style and how to use your style to make furnishing and material decisions. This also helps you recognize what works and what doesn’t. Our advice and guidance can actually save you money by avoiding costly mistakes. With over 17 years of custom design experience, we really know our stuff, and there’s nothing better than sharing our knowledge with customers.

Without satisfied customers, we wouldn’t be in business, and we never forget that fact. To simplify your remodeling or new construction project, we build a partnership with your contractor or builder. We always have your design goals, schedule and budget in mind and can help build a cohesive team for your project. If you’re a do-it-yourself kind of person, maybe you just need a sounding board and a bit of advice once in a while. Either way, we’re always here to help you design the custom kitchen or bath of your dreams.

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Custom Design Assistance

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