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Don’t miss our JULY 4TH SALE featuring MADE IN USA products!

When your project goals require materials that are made in the United States, look no further than our showroom at Coco’s Granite in downtown Ridgefield! We have scoured our showroom for samples of MADE IN USA products to highlight for our 4th of July sale; we’ll be offering 20% off any product made in the USA and 10% off our MADE IN PORTLAND Pratt and Larson tiles. We also have many Dayton undermount sinks to choose from.

Four reasons (as if you needed any) to buy MADE IN USA:

1. Jobs

Buying USA made goods creates jobs for US citizens and boosts local economies!

2. Quality

From craftsmanship, service during and after sales, to customization, where a product can be produced locally to meet individual needs, you can’t be American made.

3. Local Economy

Having manufacturing based in your area supports the local economy. Not only that but it serves to reduce the environmental impact if materials can be sourced nearby ensuring localized delivery.

4. The Ethical Choice

A product bearing a Made in the USA label can appeal to many MADE IN USA customers who want to buy domestically produced, high quality products that meet MADE IN USA labor and environmental laws.

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Don’t miss our JULY 4TH SALE featuring MADE IN USA products!

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