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Florida Tile: Green and Made in USA!

Vanessa, the owner of Coco’s Granite, recently came across some interesting information while researching which brands of tile in the show room were American (USA) made. After contacting a few of the sales reps from some of the leading brands, she learned that USA made options were few and far between. That was until she contacted Paul at Florida Tile. During her eye opening conversation with Paul, she learned that 98% of Florida Tile is made right here in the US. That’s right, 98%.

“Florida Tile is proud to be a domestic manufacturer of high quality porcelain and ceramic floor and wall tile. Our manufacturing plant, distribution center, corporate offices and showrooms are all located in the United States. We believe that a strong country needs a strong manufacturing base, which is why we choose to make our products with pride here in the US.”

But not only is it American made, its green too! Florida Tile is one of the few tile manufacturing companies Green SquaredSM Certified by UL. Although Florida Tile has had a commitment to sustainable manufacturing for decades, they didn’t have a good way to prove it. Our customers have become increasingly aware of the importance of sustainability, and often request green products. Now that UL has developed a green certification, our customers can feel confident that the products they purchase from Florida Tile and other UL Green SquaredSM Certified companies are sustainable from a tile’s raw material extraction to end-of-life management, including progressive corporate governance and innovation. Florida Tile was also the first tile manufacturing company to attain GREENGUARD certification for all of its products.

The more we learn about the Florida Tile, the more we adore it. Did I mention that they also do a ton of charitable work? Well, they do! They have unique partnerships with several charitable organizations including Mountain Re-Source which takes unsellable tile and provides floors for the underprivileged in the US and abroad all the while keeping this tile out of landfills.

We’re proud to honor this company by offering their products at 20% off during our MADE IN USA sale event happening now through July 4th. If you’re looking for an American made, green option for tile, Florida Tile is a great choice. Come in and view the many, lovely samples we have of quality porcelain, stone, and glass tile made by Florida Tile. From back-splashes to floors, you’ll find the right tile to match your granite or quartz countertop. If you need some inspiration, visit their website at to view their full catalog and room scenes.

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Florida Tile: Green and Made in USA!

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