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Mesure Your Countertops

How to Measure Your Countertops for an Estimate

Measure Your CountertopsIf you’re thinking about getting new granite countertops and want an idea of the cost, you can use our cost estimate work sheet to create a countertop drawing and measure your current countertops. We also have a worksheet that shows you how to break each section of your countertop down for measuring. Multiply the length and width of each section, and then divide by 144. Don’t forget to note where you want your back splash to be and to mark cutouts for sinks and ranges. Granite prices are quoted by the square foot and each color or pattern will vary in price. Installed prices run approximately $55-75 per square foot.

After you calculate the square feet of countertop space, and select a color we can give you an estimate cost per square foot of the selected granite and you will have an approximate cost for the installation with standard edges. Remember, this is just an estimate and an installer will come to your home to calculate the exact square footage for a valid quote. Taller splashes, fancy edges or special cuts will make the cost greater.

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How to Measure Your Countertops for an Estimate

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