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Don’t miss our JULY 4TH SALE featuring MADE IN USA products!

Posted on by Cocos-admin
American Flag

When your project goals require materials that are made in the United States, look no further than our showroom at […]

Florida Tile: Green and Made in USA!

Posted on by Cocos-admin

Vanessa, the owner of Coco’s Granite, recently came across some interesting information while researching which brands of tile in the […]

20% Off Made in USA Sale!

Posted on by Cocos-admin

Coco’s Granite is proud to be part of a small community with big patriotic spirit. Did you know that Ridgefield, […]

Granite or Quartz?

Posted on by Cocos-admin

Granite or Quartz? You can find some pretty heated debates on the web over whether granite or quartz is better […]

We Love Handcrafted and Locally Made Tile

Posted on by Cocos-admin
Bathroom Tile

Here at Coco’s we’ve been enjoying Prat and Larson’s luxurious decorative tiles on display in our showroom. The deep pigmented […]

Need Backsplash Design Ideas? We’ve got them!

Posted on by Cocos-admin

You’ll find a wide array of backsplash design ideas on display in our Ridgefield showroom. From glass mosaics to tumbled […]

How to Measure Your Countertops for an Estimate

Posted on by Cocos-admin
Mesure Your Countertops

If you’re thinking about getting new granite countertops and want an idea of the cost, you can use our cost […]

Now Open Tuesday Evenings!

Posted on by Cocos-admin

We’re excited to announce that Coco’s Granite now has extended showroom hours on Tuesdays! We’ll be open from 10 a.m. […]



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