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Trendy or Timeless?

Do you tend to design your home based on current trends or timeless design? Is there a happy compromise?

Spending my days in a tile showroom this question seems to come up a lot. More so now than 17 years ago. In the new days of “Pinterest” and “Houzz” clients seem to struggle with questions like, “I really love this, but, I see this on Pinterest all the time… will I hate it in five years?” So I always ask, “What would make you happy? How do you and your family use your home?” Additionally, the design will seem perfect in theory, but it might not be right for your home. I often find myself saying things like, “Yes, Marble countertops are great, but with your kids being so young, is it practical?” I just want everyone to feel at home in their home. I want my clients to choose what makes them smile, what makes them exhale and relax as soon as they walk through their doors.

I think after all these years in the tile business, my number one lesson learned is choose with your heart. Don’t base your decision on what you see online, or what your girlfriend said you should do. Choose what you gravitate towards. Follow that first instinct.

*BUT, don’t quit pinning all the awesome ideas you find. It’s always fun to make something your own…..I am a Pinterest addict 😉 Here is a link to my boards. Happy Pinning.

Xo, Vanessa

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Trendy or Timeless?

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