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Bathroom Tile

We Love Handcrafted and Locally Made Tile

Here at Coco’s we’ve been enjoying Prat and Larson’s luxurious decorative tiles on display in our showroom. The deep pigmented glazes seem to explode with depth and color and add a handcrafted charm to any design. They would pair nicely with a subdued granite countertop or with a neutral travertine backsplash.

Prat and Larson tiles aren’t inexpensive, and a set of decorative tile or mosaic panel can break the modest of budgets. However, you can still add handcrafted tile to your design while keeping your budget intact. A simple drop of glazed ceramic tile will pop when inserted into a tumbled stone backsplash. You can easily add an ageless look by taking a cue from authentic Moroccan interiors and add a bit of handcrafted tile to an intricate pattern of glazed ceramic tile or natural stone.

The netted mosaics offered by Prat and Larson can add eye-catching reds, vibrant purples, emerald greens and bright golds to a simple glazed white tile, or when broken up and mixed with stone in an unexpected pattern. The daring and pronounced colors can also be offset by more subdued earth tones like sand, cinnamon and terra cotta. By striking a balance between bright saturated hues and soft neutrals, you can achieve a very lively yet casual and comforting atmosphere. Adding a bit handcrafted tile will make any home feel luxurious and opulent.

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We Love Handcrafted and Locally Made Tile

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